Founded in 2018, Fraise Sucrée Drive is a Women’s Chauffeure® service. We offer a service of provision of luxury vehicle with driver at your events.


Fraise Sucrée offers you a premium service of Chauffeure in VAN


With an exclusive network, our Chauffeure gives you unmatched security, consistent service standards and innovative travel technology for travelers.

Fraise Sucrée Chauffeure has a fleet of exclusive and luxury vehicles of the latest generation, first class Chauffeure professionals and a complete portfolio of services – management – logistics specialized in transport such as meetings and events, land transport private and road shows.

We offer you much more than a Chauffeure, we bring unparalleled attention to detail.


  • In the city
  • From city to city
  • For a day
  • For a night
  • To the airports

Discover alternatives to your current transportation solutions. Chauffeure’s service offers customized alternatives to taxi, rail and air transportation. Your colleagues will be delighted!

Searching for parking, waiting time and travel costs may be a thing of the past. We provide a safe, reliable and economical alternative to your current travel solutions.

With our fleet of luxury Classe V, significant savings can be realized, while increasing quality and service standards, as our Chauffeure will have a special time.

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« My name is Aude, I am at your disposal during your stay. « 

Enjoy the luxury and comfort of having your own Chauffeur, concierge and tour guide. A Chauffeur can do much more than drive a car. Your Chauffeur will assist you in all situations, from theater tickets to shopping and sightseeing. Thanks also to our luxury vehicles, every occasion with Chauffeure is a unique experience.

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  • A new dimension for shopping
  • Chauffeur’s Guides
  • Conciergerie
  • Insider Information
  • Door-to-door services

Whatever your desire – be it Oksana Mukha in the 16th, Haute Couture in a private salon, Special Order Watches, Antiques in the Auction House or High Tech as in Tokyo – our Chauffeure will take you to the best addresses and be happy to meet you. help during your shopping.

Chauffeure Au Féminin

  • Airport transfer
  • Transfer to the station
  • General Aviation Service
  • Baggage transfer

Thanks to our exclusive network, our Chauffeure has passes for all Paris airports / heliports. In addition, we are working closely with provincial airports / heliports.

If you have a lot of luggage, our luxury VAN are at your disposal. Use your time wisely. Your Chauffeure is reliable and will ensure a transfer before or after the trip. Relax and use the time efficiently at the back of our VAN.

Of course, we can also take you to the station and pick you up. Our station transfer service is also one of our main skills.

For pick-ups at the airport and at train stations, our Chauffeure will be waiting for you with an identification board in the arrivals area. Of course, your Chauffeure will help you with your luggage and ensure the fastest possible route to your vehicle.

Press and flat mineral water are always provided in the vehicles.

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Transferts d'Aéroports

  • Fall in love with Paris
  • Guided tours
  • Excursions in the vicinity
  • Tours of several days

Before each visit, you discuss with your Chauffeure what you would like to see in the city of your choice and what you have already seen. Where should you stop? Where are the best photo opportunities? Of course, you can count on the experience of our Chauffeure and her deep knowledge of her city and its surroundings.



Opt for a guided tour with your Chauffeure in the city of love. Our drivers are bilingual (French, English, Arabic, etc.).

Paris and its surroundings

Paris – a cosmopolitan city
A city full of artistic creativity – quaint shopping centers, charming museums, futuristic buildings and Art Nouveau glass roofs – it’s Paris.

Mystical, beloved and monumental – Paris is yours. Discover Paris as you wish with your personal Chauffeure, whose excellent knowledge will give you a particular insight.

Go on a discovery trip in the form of a half-day, full-day or multi-day excursion with the Chauffeure VAN service.

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  • Events
  • Exhibitions conventions
  • Gala events
  • Fashion Week
  • Sporting & Cultural Events
  • Private events
  • Weddings

Event Services - Fraise Sucrée

Our chauffeur service is one of the most feminine in France, and you can offer it.

Our network, has decades of experience in the transportation of your guests, having participated in many major events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Paris Fashion Week, the Monaco Grand Prix, many trade shows and private events.

Regardless of the number of vehicles required, our Chauffeure service assists you in the planning and implementation, as well as in the on-site coordination. Thanks to our exclusive network, the number of vehicles at your disposal is almost unlimited. Whether you need luxury minibuses, limousines or smaller vehicles, we’ll get there.

Of course, in any case, all the vehicles used must be registered in accordance with the law on the carriage of passengers. An experienced coordinator is available before and during the event, so you always have someone at your fingertips.

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